How Can You Say You Learned Something

31 Aug

Since my childhood days until I was 30 years old, writing a post for the public never popped out on my mind. It was even so hard for me to form a paragraph to express my thoughts and opinions way back my younger years. It is as if I am always lost of words when my teacher let me discuss certain topics.

As long as we are alive we are learning. Without noticeable change in observable behavior, learning could occur. We are learning with or without our knowledge! Through interaction with people in different situations, we are driven by different motivations–we are learning.


Some of what we learned stays hidden due to lack of opportunity for it to be demonstrated. In my case, I never knew that I have all the guts to share my thoughts and ideas through blogging until my sibling introduced me to this world. She said that I need not to worry for not being trained to write like professional writer, all I need to do is share what I learned as if I am just talking to someone.

I was challenged by what she said. For what I know, how we behave mostly is a result from what we learned. Did you know that the day you were born you are already equipped to learn? Thus, most of what we learn has taken place effortlessly because most of it is result of our daily experiences. Definitely, I have lots of ideas now to share, that I learned lot of things already.

I was challenged to write my thoughts, ideas, experiences, and the things I learned. Through my blog I could touch other people’s lives. I’ve written my first post on this blog January 1, 2009. It was hard for me at first to express what I want to share but in the long run that I am doing it, it is as if I am just talking to someone.

I hope people will not just enjoy but learn something from reading my posts. How can you say you learned something? We can say that you learned something if there is a permanent change in your behavior, thoughts or feelings resulted from reading this post. Learning has taken place when there is permanent change in behavior due to an experience. Promoting healthy lifestyle is my primary goal why I have this site. Hope you’ll not just appreciate the posts but try to practice it as well. Have a healthy lifestyle!

Influences In Life

31 Aug

Our life is a collection of influences and most of those influences are people—family, friends, colleagues and others. Each of those influential people to us has their place in molding us into what we are today that notching away here and there could change who and what we are.

My life mindmap

Books and media are of great influence to us too. They not only develop our interests, but also form our personality, right? Talking about books, Amazon books are on sale. Self-help and health books are my favorite. And, though researches show that television has bad impact to us, like books it has educational influence to us: showing problems and its solutions, teaching tolerance, and promote good social behavior.

Through internet we could learn many things too, from researching certain topics from articles written on different websites and online books to joining free short term courses online. Socializing with people from different places in the world is possible with internet. Internet is like another world that could add color to our lives. We just need to know its pros and cons for us to maximize its usefulness to us.

Influences in life? We can choose who and, or what could influence us.

Potty Training Twins

22 Aug

Sometimes change just happens, no matter how much you put it off! I swear, every week for the last six months I said, “next week I will start potty training”. I was scared “diaper-less”? The idea of adding something new to our routine while juggling two toddlers at once was not at the top of my list. It finally happened (right around their third birthday) with a little push from Chad practicing one weekend with the girls. The following week I took Chad’s lead. I kept the girls around the house without diapers or clothes on. When we had to leave the house they wore pull-ups. I took a casual approach (it wasn’t “all or nothing”) and the timing was perfect.
1 - 13 - 2013 nat in pink undies

It was Monday our first “official” day of potty training. I was in the kitchen washing dishes when all went quiet. I knew something was up and went looking for the girls. I found Nattie had stepped up on to the potty and pooped!!! I was beside my self with excitement. I called Chad and left the message that “a miracle just happened”. When he called back I told him the news and he said, “that’s the miracle?”. Yes siree bub!!! It was just a few times that Nattie stepped up on to the potty before an arm or butt slipped in from losing balance. I didn’t get off the hook that easily.

I always thought Nattie would be the most difficult to train. Vera, the first born, has been the first to hit every milestone. Potty training came naturally to Nattie. She never once had an accident. After a couple of weeks I started to notice that her diaper was dry after a nap, running an errand and through the night.

Vera is a different story – she got lazy. She started out showing more interest than Nattie. She knows just what to do (she picks up things fast) but doesn’t have as much control. She might pee when I tickle her or when water is running. She will pee and poop in her diaper, pants or on to the floor. It is largely my fault. I got lazy, too. I didn’t take her diaper off first thing in the morning, after a nap or an errand. If I say “do you have to go potty?” she says no. If I ask then put her on the potty she will go. It’s just a matter of staying on top of it.

1 - 13 - 2013 edited
I started out using m&m type candies I bought from the bulk section of Whole Foods. It worked like a charm. After a day they forgot about the candies and used the potty without incentive. I gave them 2 m&m’s for pee and 3 for poops. They would sit at their table with those few pieces of candy and savor the moment. Sweet victory.

It all started with the pourty potty (that we never used except for pretend – we went straight to potty seats). Then we moved on to potty practice, training unders, and undies – a blog post where I shared a number of links. And, these two posts forwarded from Jandi that gave me peace of mind – “Potty Training: Waiting Paid off Big Time”, and “A Doctor Responds: Don’t Potty Train Your Baby”.

1 - 13 - 2013 nat left

This potty training thing has been a long time coming! All in all, I think the m&m idea is genius, and timing is everything. If it’s not working I would go about it casually and try again when the signs are there. I worried not only about the first part of training but what follows – public restrooms, and training through the night. I found out that it all happens in good time. No need to stress. Eventually they’ll just stop wetting their diapers and beds, right? Nattie did it piece of cake. With Vera it will take a little more time. Vera has been the only one to have accidents. If I could talk to my old self I would say, “it’s no big deal!!! Don’t get your panties in a bundle (or how about this one…”put your big girl panties on and deal with it”)!!!”.